Sleeping in the pop-up camper one night listening to the rain and feeling the cool fresh air was enough. We pulled up stakes and headed home yesterday, but not before traveling up the road to Blackduck and its movie theater for a family viewing of Shrek 2. The one-hundred or so seat theater was packed with other soggy weekend lake vacationers.
We went to the Trail’s End Cafe next to the theater. I had a Trailblazer burger–a two pattie job. As I was paying the bill, I asked how much meat there was in the thing, thinking (fearing) that it might be a pound or so. Well, neither the waitress or the cook knew. The cook got a couple of raw patties and weighed them. Ten ounces. I thought was homey and cute that they didn’t even know.


Visiting in-laws and their new baby. Blogging from their Mac. Raining. Alot. Constantly. Beautiful though. Slept last night in a popup camper trailer of their neighbors. It has been awhile, don’t remember when, since I slept off in a tent and listened to the rain while staying dry.
It is pretty hard to focus though, so I think that I will be signing off. The conversation is about second careers about nursing. Along the lines of the “retirement” job that I overheard the fellow soccer parent talking about.

Biked home from work in the rain

It has rained 14 of the last 17 days or something like that, so a co-worker told me today. This morning though was a clear blue sky and about 45 degrees, so I decided ot brave riding my bike to work, which was great. I did get drizzled on a bit, even all-out rained on a bit, on the ride home. But it was okay. And my overwhelming feeling about the rain is that it has been rejuvenating, recharging. We have been in a drought for about a year, I think.

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Three jobs, third shift

I was thinking about my obsessions, especially about work and computers. i am ready to get back into working on my web site idea. I need to VPN into work, but can’t. So much for that. So the three jobs thing. Before I was born and while I was young, my foather worked several jobs. For me, because I feel like I need to do the equivalent of working three jobs wo succeed at my life.

Dorothea back, diner

Dorothea was home as of yesterday. She had made a dinner date at friend’s house, which was great, but had forgotten about it, and it took a huge effort to resteer my ship. The friend even commented on how tired we all looked. But we had a great time as usual. I want a trapset, and a place to play it. (They have a nice kit in their basement.) Maybe I should get an electronic one.
Today is the recital and we have to go get a tape to put in a borrowed video camera.
I am going to go for the development of a PHP testing site. I am siting in the diningroom now as Liam and Anders play on the other computer and Madeline makes crepes in the kitchen.

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New nephew

On Wednesday, Dorothea got the call from pregnant sister in Bemidji–now is the time–contractions five minutes apart. After a school meeting, Dorothea, her sister’s designated doula, drove four hours at eighty miles an hour and got there just after transition. The baby boy was born about two hours later.
Today is my mother’s 90th birthday. So what just happened two days ago happened 90 years ago. And the sister, who is about 34 is really only a few years younger than my grandmother would have been when my mom was born.
And I am sitting in the dining room of a 95 year old house. It would have been new back then.

Wolves game

Liam and the boys are in the back yard. Dorothea and Madeline went shopping for poster board for Madeline for her science project. The boys are squirting each other with supersoakers. Madeline is proud because she is getting done with the assignment.
Today I think that I am suffering more or less of a hangover from the cigar and beers, especially the cigar. That made a hit.

Wandering around

This morning I walked to Dunn Brothers. The Middle Eastern looking paper delivery guy pulled up by the house with the New York Times just as I was setting out from home. That was perfect.
At Dunn Brothers, the usual assortment of people were there. It is like it is the same people there always, just different. Same types. So anyway, wonderful to sit there and drink coffee and read the paper.
When I got home, Dorothea headed off to her class, Liam and I roused Madeline from bed, and the three of us went to the Grandview for breakfast. M. was pretty crabby about waking up, but went with us.
Upon returning, a neighbor from across the street asked M. to watch children for awhile. (The neighbor went jogging.) Liam hung with his buddy. They were both kind of surly today. We set up the volleyball net in the back yard. (Liam and I played catch before going to breakfast. He does throw well, seems to have a good arm.)
Late morning we all regrouped and headed off to Target. M. wanted to get her glasses adjusted; I was looking for razors;Liam, Poke-mon cards.
Then we drove up to see the trees damaged by the Mother’s Day storm, up around Como Park and the kid’s school.
Har Mar was next. Barnes and Noble and the pet store. I got the epiphany that maybe I would get a dog. Madeline says she wants one. Liam wants some sort of a pet. We all got books.
From Har Mar, we went to downtown. I wanted to go to Marshal Fields to find a hat. Turns out they don’t have many. But there was this great guy that recommended a place a block away, a small shop, labelled an “Artist Merchantile.” There was a great selection of hats. The proprietor was the sort whose recommendation for what would make a good hat. I got what seems to me to be a very nice Panama.
Soon after we got home, Dorothea returned from school. I bailed and went up to the U and hit golf balls. I did a half of a large bucket. I was pretty satisfied. Hope to go up there again tomorrow to hit the other bucket. Am thinking of a golf skills checklist and using that to make sure that I work on everything.
Back to downtown and the haberdasher. This time, it was one of his cigars that I wanted. He recommended two. I took his second recommendation, the “Havana Honey.” It was mild, a easy draw, and the tip was flavored with honey, which actually is a great idea.
This fellow is quite intriguing. He’s wound, really wound. Steely. But he says he has a hat like the one I bought–and I believe him. He makes it sound like he smokes cigars–again, believable. He talked about openning a haberdashery next. That sounds like a good idea.
So anyway, he snips the end of the cigar (has a cutter in the top center pocket of the the apron he is wearing), and walks me outside and lights me up. I aim myself toward the Great Waters Brewing Company a couple of doors down. I have a Martin’s Bitter–Yorkshire Style Ale followed by a St. Peter Pale Ale–Our Popular Flagship Beer. Smoking my cigar at the bar and watching the Twins on the tube.
Finally, I decide to take a bit of a walk and head off across the Wabasha Street bridge. It is a beautiful evening. I soon realize that the bank’s new Ops center is very close to the other end of the bridge. Soon I cut across and head over there. Odd setup. It is an attraction new office building, five story, very scenic, what witht the Mississippi, Harriet Island, and the downtown skyline. But is built on a brown-fields site, the home of the American Crane Company. And approaching the building from the side of wabasha brings the abandoned industrial site image to mind because there are several acres of brush and bare dirt between the railroad track and the building. Plus, just as I turned from the bridge toward the building, there were two men who were walking on the railroad track. Homeless guys, surely, apparently heading for a clump of woods as a place to spend the night. That all was a bit tinkly.

Spammed again.

Out for beers with the boys yesterday after work. More beer than I am accostumed to, which is not very much. I think the most interesting thing to come out of it was a discussio about a contract that used to work with us. The context is that we are hiring, and that one of the prospects is woman that is a friend/work colleague of our boss from our boss’s previous employer. What are the pros and and cons of our boss, a woman in an otherwise male dlominiated industry, hiring another woman? This seems good on the face it; and good for our boss, too, in that it will make her work social life better. There is a concern about, on the one hand, favoritism, and on the other, the inherent difficulties of a friendship between and boss and a subordinate.
I digress. Back to the contractor. Her relationship with the boys was brought up by the boss. The is concerned that the boys won’t include the potential new hire, her female associate from a previous position, in all the reindeer games. The boss cites the apparent exclusion of the formet contract, who was a woman.
So, pulling it all together: while at the bar drinking beers with the boys, this whole misch-mash comes up by the alpha male, specifically the exclusion thing. And he lists several reasons why he found it difficult to include the contract. Sports/activities/hobbies came up. He is a runner, has run marathons. She ran in a marathon, but didn’t do well. He is a mountain biker. She has a mountain bike, but says she walks the bike uphill and lays on the breaks on the way down. So I think that she expects enclusion on the basis of her participation; he derisively excludes her because of her poor performance.
What am I trying to say? The Alpha set the tone. There was also an issue in that the boss and the contractor were socially close, and most of boys thereby didn’t feel comfortable with the contractor. That was a huge deal.