Thursday at lunchtime I went and bought SuSE 9.0 Linux from Best Buy for $50. I have been trying to get it going on the laptop ever since–mostly successfully.
Finding little annoying things like can’t get the wireless network card to work, or that I can use either the touchpad or the mouse but not both, or that the battery monitor doesn’t work correctly.
(Ironically, another site that I watch has an entry today about the battery thing, and even though they were trying something else, it probably explains more or less my problem.)
Everything takes a long time because I am so rusty on my Linux, but there is no question that things are a lot easier out-of-the-box then they were almost ten years ago when I originally played around with it.
Now I am tackling putting XP back on the laptop a la duel boot and have time to write while the hard drive formats.

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361 photographs

Actually made aware of this by the newspaper. Russ Kick has a site,
memoryhole, and he obtained these photos through the Freedom of Information Act. The government now says that it won’t allow publication of such photographs anymore in order to protect the privacy of the families.

Computer class

With the other half of my group from work, taking a class in Microsoft 2003 server. So far it has been OS/2, NT, Windows 2000, and now 2003. Makes me want to know Linux better.
All the classes have been in the same building in Edina, though the name of the training company is different each time. Same company, but different.
Getting there is a description in futility. The freeway was easy. But then one has to get off at the right exit, cut across five lanes of traffic to make a left-hand turn. That didn’t work. Then the location is a classic suburban office complex, so finding the right entrance to the maze of parking lots and then the right address took awhile.
Once in the building, hitting the stairwell because the rooms are on the second floor–I get to “3” before realizing that I had come in on the correct floor, however that worked.
The instructor is moving fast, which is good, except when I have to try and find something on the computer that’s new to me and I can’t keep up.
Went to lunch with my two co-workers, glad that one of them is willing to drive, cause I don’t want to. At the Chinese restaraunt, in the cafeteria-style line, co-worker points out that I should pickup silverware which I didn’t see. (I would have been save because they had silverware at the end, too.)
Was up at six this morning, first time in a long time, and so I actually have time to go to the Y. Sauna and whirlpool probably. Monday I went there just so I could shave. Hmmm. Gotta exercise more!

Earth Day continued

So when Liam and I went to the park in the morning to pick up trash, there was the lady from 4H, the master knitter. She had us sign in, get some gloves, and plastic garbage bags–two each, one for recyclables and one for trash. I immediately tried to con Liam into he’d have one bad and I would have the other. I would do the recyclables, he the trash. I make no distinction.
And it was fine, we went about our business, picking up. When we were done, blast! the knitting lady was right there at the trash! How was I going to dump my unsorted bag? I just quickly did both our bags while she wasn’t looking.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, resist

This all is a hodge podge.
I just finished reading Herman Wouk’s
A Hole in Texas, which was an impulse pick from the recent/popular/librarian’s-pick shelf.
In the picture on the back of the dust jacket he looks almost ninety. Sure enough, I just looked him up and he was born 1915. Do I know a nonagenarian when I see one, or what? (My mom is turning 90 next month.)
So anyway, an apt description of this book comes from the rake–compulsively readable, middlebrow. Just the sort of thing that I go in for. The middle brow part are long stretches of exposition about physics.
There is more that I would like share, but I am off to the Metrodome to see the Twins play Kansas City.

Triplets of Belleville

Dorothea’s friend recommended the film Triplets of Belleville, said apparently that she had taken her children and that they enjoyed it. (The Village Voice has an article about the film.)
Not much–no?–dialogue except the occasional French utterance and the constant theming of the title song Belleville Rendez-vous. But great, imaginative, and bit violent and risque–PG-13 is seemingly a bit much for our children sometimes.
I like the Village Voice article because it mentions another similar movie, Hukkle, and reminds me that I have to see Iron Giant.


Just made reservations for fly to Paris in October using frequent flier miles. Yipee! It’ll be Madeline and me. We were sitting around, Madeline, Dorthea, and I, and it was, well, Madeline, if you hand me the phone I will call and see. Just sort of on a whim–but it has also been on our radar. We have tried multiple times, most recently to travel to Paris this past spring using our frequent flyer miles, with no success. But this time, it worked. Just barely.
Liam got a baseball glove yesterday. Now he and Shea are playing a highly modified, two-person game of baseball. I just looked back to check and the little brother from across the street is back there too. Don’t know how he got there. Does anyone miss him? He and the big boys are throwing a baseball into a hole that Liam and another kid dug in our back yard.
Dorothea and Madeline left to go buy Madeline some shoes. She is just rolling in the dough. She did her first official babysitting job yesterday. I expect that she will be in high demand.
A beer and booking a trip to Paris have done wonders for my mood.


“The Bohemian” by William-Adolphe Bouguereau will have been auctionrf off by now by the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Sounds like maybe the painting was too low-brow for the board of directors. (And has been, apparently, for it has been ten years since the painting has been on display.) Especially odd since it has been and enormously popular work, generating sales in the gift shop for postcards, calendars, and the like. Too bad.

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Waiting to go to the dentist. Cleaning every six months. Yesterday, finished taxes and filed. Owe about five hundred. Dorothea had a couple of things that she wanted to check into; one was the state property tax rebate; the other was an educator credit from the state. We worked on the property tax thing together. We are very far away from being eligible for that. We looked for the educator credit but didn’t find it. She wants now to take our return to a tax person and see what they think.

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