Whale watching

Yesterday we went on a whale watching boat to see grey whales. Not humpbacks. Not orcas. The orcas were out of town. We followed a pair of whales for a hour or more. The photos aren’t so great with the digital camera set to VGA and zoom. But there you are.
We were out of Everett, Washington. The Cascades and Mount Baker are in the background.
This is picture of the sunrise yesterday that Dorothea took out of our hotel room window. We are looking to have another beautiful day, apparently uncharacteristic for this time of year.

Train is a trip back in time

This is like a trip back in time to the 70s–maybe 1980–everything, seats, walls, tables–brown and orange, plastic and vinyl. I am sitting currently in the lobby of the Westin, a VERY nice hotel in Seattle. The lobby is hot and, as it turns out, free. I am drinking a Grey Goose martini, Dorothea is reading Amy Tan, (who I was supposed to go with to hear at St. Cate’s.) The children are up in the room. Here are some pictures of the family sleeper room on the train.

Ralph’s Grocery and Deli

After thirty-six hours and two nights in the family sleeper car; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and breakfast again in the dining car; and 1800 miles of Amtrak that Liam did entirely in his pajamas, we’re here in Seattle. Our room at the Westin is spectacular.
We’re decompressing from the trip and getting ourselves oriented. After the pool (it isn’t a vacation for Madeline and Liam unless the hotel has a pool), we went over to the Bank of America building (Dorothea’s request) and went up to the 73rd floor observation deck.
I am at Ralph’s Grocery & Deli (the link to which is really for Lost in Seattle)–but it is of note to me because it is the first place where I have been able to sit down somewhere and get hooked up to a wireless internet connectioin.
We’re here until the train leaves on Tuesday afternoon. The only plans that we have so far are to do the Boeing tour on Monday afternoon.

The train is late already

But then, maybe I have too much information. The train was five hours late this morning coming from the west and is current about forty minutes late coming from Chicago. I can’t help thinking that once on the train, the later the better as far as getting my money’s worth?
Amtrak posted some new security measures on its website, I assume in response to Madrid.
Dorothea and Madeline went over to Martha’s to get some DVDs. Can’t decide if it is a good idea or not to put Liam to bed. I think I’ll go try.

Train trip today

Today is the day of the trip to Seattle. Today spring has come suddenly. Today today. It is early morning, the sun is up, cardinals trill. Everyone else is still in bed. Showered, shaved, fed, thinking that I should get something in the blog and drawing a bit of a blank. Coffee. Ah-ha. That should help.
Or maybe not. A little Traimcinolone 0.1% cream for the hands. My hands had gotten bad with dry, scaley red itchy on the fingers and where the fingers join the palm, where’s ducks have webs. I got the atomic bomb version of cortisone cream in January and have been using this lesser version since. Plus I have used only Dove soap since February.

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Fart machine

At our staff meeting on Wednesday, my boss of all people taped one of those remote control fart machines under the chair of one of my coworkers.
And it was funny. Less so for the obvious reasons and more so because she was just so into it. And because another coworker was trying to make a presentation and it was just as he began his that she began hers.
How bizarre. What a challenge to deal with. And it was sad or hard to deal with–this was a very big deal for him, this presentation.

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On Saturday night, Dorothea painted a henna tattoo on my foot, in the spirit of the sisters painting Henna tattoos on themselves the Saturday before. I didn’t think that she’d be able to do it. I have very touchy feet–even when I touch them, they jerk. Put it worked out. The lotus flower that she painted she modeled after the real tattoo of a lotus that she has on her left foot. She got it fourteen years ago, not to long before we got married. Both the real and the henna tattoo are cool things.

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