This looks really cool. Apropo of nothing. Just saw it. Especially like the random entry thingy.
Went to Dunn Brothers last night and sat with my laptop and worked through the first full example of the chess book The Amateur’s Mind. I was feeling confined at home. In-laws visiting. But damn it, also my day off and want to get the most of that too.

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By the time you are reading this, I will have put a few back-dated posts, filling in the gaps since before Christmas.
Thinking of the tsunami, I think of my government and it’s response–too slow, too little, too late, insufficient, and designed to benefit certain benefactors. It is probably just cynicism.
Also struck by the appearance of the bodies–they aren’t grotesque, torn to shreds–they are simply dead, but apparently unmarked. A most enormous Jonestown. I don’t know–probably nothing intelligent or worthwhile that I can say.

A long day of tea

Our children?s former violin teacher, who just had twins, was talking about another woman from her “multiples class” who’d hired a woman, a nanny, to come and help. This nanny was apparently somewhat of a celebrity, and was know as the “Baby Whisperer.” There was just an obituary in the New York Times for such a woman. Same person?

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The voice of God is the wind

Today has been the day of wind. Howling, rumbling, whistling. Like a blowtorch. Like there is a dragon in North Dakota trying to blowout the birthday candles on a cake in Chicago. Windows rattle. Blown-down tree branches litter the streets. Large outdoor Christmas tree displays topple. This is the Windy City. People cover their faces with scarves and lean into the wind as they walk along the street. Against the wind is uphill.

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