Salvador, Brazil: Just got a forwarded email from friends newly arrived in Brazil. One of them is there on a Fullbright scholarship. Dorothea and I had been thinking that their presence would make for a good excuse for visiting Brazil. But, when they stopped here briefly a few weeks ago on their way to the airport, we became discouraged. Their description of Salvador as a large (3 million) city that was a former slave trading hub, reminded us both too much of Saint Thomas, the US Virgin Islands. Been there, done that.
I am back at the UML. I have three books on it, so I must be interested. I have started reading the chapter on distributed databases in the textbook from last semester’s database class. I am signed up for the distributed database class, which meets for 7 Saturdays spring semester. That class description say that Java experience is
Also, just been Googling “Cahokia.” Seems to me that when I visited the site in the early 90s, there was, at the Interprative center, an explanation of the “stockade.” It went something like this: around 1250, the time of the “Little Ice Age,” there was constructed around the central parts of the city a stockade. The argument was that the elites were trying to defend themselves from a popular revolt. I could find that intrepretation again today, but will keep looking.

Elmer and the dragon

Liam is motivated to read on his own Elmer and the Dragon . He’s doing great, though it is a slow process. This link doesn’t mean much except that I was Googling on the book, most of the hits were booksellers, but this way a great site.
Today was bitterly cold. There were forty mile an hour winds this morning. Most though not all of the snow is melted. I think that we are in for some more rain and snow.
Violin/piano lessons last night. It is wonderful to see and hear my children getting such loving lessons. They piss and moan about practicing, but the love their lessons.
I am still obsessed with trying to get a blog to work at my work. Time has run out but I am finding it difficult to let it go because I haven’t finished it. It works but I want to create a totally web interface. The ironic thing is that I love the idea of blogging at work. It seems like a great way to keep track of things. But I am not so sure that my co-workers will be interested. Alas.
Also started looking at MovaableType and Gallery. I am starting to put some pictures in /gallery.