Lac Du Bois

“Le Lac du Bois est un programme d?immersion linguistique et culturelle qui n?a pas son pareil au monde.” That’s where M. and her classmate’s are for the weekend. She was really excited, and I hope she’s having a great time. I tried to get to take the digital camera, but I guess she’s afraid of breaking. Hope to get her over that…I think see took a film camera.
If you want, click on READ MORE below to read the article that recently appeared in the St. Paul paper.

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Soulful Sundown

D., L., & I went to the Unitarian’s Soulful Sundown service last Sunday. The service was led by Ruth McKenzie and Dean Magraw. There were candles and chimes and incense, and Dean played and played. It is so wonderful to listen to him play. Always melodic, always rhythmic, always twisted and odd and “how did he do that?” or “hmm, what just happened?” He’d play for awhile, then people would stand up and read quotes from Gandhi, Harriet Tubman, whatever. Then he’d play some more, or Ruth would sing too. We all did a sing-long of “Abraham, Martin, and John.” (Except for the bridge–too complicated–we left that to Ruth.) Lyrics follow….

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