Yesterday was my sixth anniversary at the bank. I tried to rally the boys for a beer after work, even got the go ahead from Val for everyone to leave a bit early if there was nothing pressing. Sadly, the whole day had pressing crap in it for everyone, and at three, people still had stuff to do. It was an ominous sign that lunch was delayed earlier in the day.

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Fart machine

At our staff meeting on Wednesday, my boss of all people taped one of those remote control fart machines under the chair of one of my coworkers.
And it was funny. Less so for the obvious reasons and more so because she was just so into it. And because another coworker was trying to make a presentation and it was just as he began his that she began hers.
How bizarre. What a challenge to deal with. And it was sad or hard to deal with–this was a very big deal for him, this presentation.

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Northern Exposure

Remember the show Northern Exposure? Does anyone know what they called that affliction that hit people in the summer, where they went crazy because there was so much light? I think it is a milder version which I go through in the spring. Mania. Moose mania, I don’t know, something like that.