Dorothea is on the Dean’s

Dorothea is on the Dean’s List. And she got nice ratings from her student’s as well.
Yesterday, while shoveling snow, heard the call of a cardinal. “What-cheer, cheer, cheer…” The transcription of the sound I got from the weather calendar site. It is an odd juxtaposition to hear such a summer sound while surrounded by so much winter.
And I forgot to call 4H again. I’ll get it.
About 4:30, after Liam had gone across the street to his friend’s house, I heard yelling outside, yelling that sounded a lot like the yelling our neighbor when he is upset. Sure enough, when I went out onto the porch, there he was shoveling snow, and yelling at no one. No one was around. He was yelling at the neighborhood kids who he was accusing of having knocked down the snowbanks onto his sidewalk. When I asked him what was going on, (I had to yell myself because he is hard of hearing and wouldn’t have heard me otherwise), he started yelling that it was my children who’d caused the damage, and on and on. I called the mom across the street where Liam was to make sure that she called me before sending Liam back. It is a very unfortunate thing.
So one day, cardinal. Next day, alcoholic rantings.