St. Paul Classic

Lots to write about. don’t even know where to start. Let’s start with yesterday. Madeline and I did the 15-mile route of the St. Paul Classic. That was her first time. The logistics were amazing from my humble perspective. D. was going to ride with her sister for the full thirty mile route. So my suggestion was that M. and I level early and when we got back D. and her sister coulc take off. But there was still time where L. would be home alone. D. tried but couldn’t find anywhere for him to go. So, she called a neighbor, told em what was going on, and left Theresa’s cellphone with him. So that is a first, L. home alone.

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Pay day

Not a day too soon. Coffers are getting low. Wages stagnet, prices going up. Lifestyle changes as always seem to require discipline that’s hard to come by.
Kerry did a fine job with his acceptance. Thank God. What will the attacks be like? Negative, yes. Reasonable rebuttals? probably not. We’ll see tomorrow.
Lifted, both sets.
D. and I both went to Liam’s last soccer game last night. I think he has done quit well. M. iwas overnighting at GS camp. DSL still down., apparently. I haven’t cycled the router. Hope to leave work early today to take care of stuff like get a cable for the comoputer.

Mom’s 90th bday

In the breakfast room of the AmericInn in Sartell. We must be about the last guests in the motel on a Monday morning. The front desk person and two woman who do the rooms are sitting a table across from me. I just walked across the street to the gas station and bought a 20-oz. coffee for 85 cents, less than half of what I usually pay. My back is feeling better–after a half hour in the hot tub. I strained it playing golf yesterday with my brother-in-law and nephew. On the seventh hole. I had paid for 18, which my sister played in my stead in the afternoon.

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