200506120815 Okay, that’s it. I can’t stand it anymore. I’ve been reading Dark Star Safari by Paul Theroux. It is the narrative of his recent travel through East Africa from Cairo to Capetown. So far, I’ve gotten to Kampala, Uganda, with him–about half way. Uganda is where he was stationed while in the Peace Corps in the mid- to late-sixties.

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This morning, Dorothea was going off about Norm Coleman, our junior Senator from Minnesota. “Slim bag,sleazy, sleazy, low-life.” “Could you be more specific?” I said. “Why, yes, ‘lickspittle’:toady, flatter.” She got this from reading the Star Tribune article today:

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Way behind schedule. But I guess I am succumbing to the temptations of having a boss who is in Cincinnati, co-workers that are in other states and who are working on other things, annd well, to come in late. Also, the project that I am working on, the guy in charge comes in later as well. So in a way I am adapting to his schedule.

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A long day of tea

Our children?s former violin teacher, who just had twins, was talking about another woman from her “multiples class” who’d hired a woman, a nanny, to come and help. This nanny was apparently somewhat of a celebrity, and was know as the “Baby Whisperer.” There was just an obituary in the New York Times for such a woman. Same person?

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Coleman-Annan, Nixon-Hiss

[political rant] Too close to home. The other night, Norm Coleman, my US Senator, made it on BBC TV with his demands that Kofi Annan resign. Coleman is chairman of a Senate sub-committee, investigating the U.N. Iraq food-for-oil program. Never mind of course that former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker’s commisstion is just about a month away from publishing its report.
The Star Tribune’s December 4 editorial puts it thus: “Good old Norm; it appears there’s nothing he won’t do for a headline, or for his GOP masters.”
Pop quiz: Which of the following world leaders won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991: a) Norm Coleman; b) Kofi Annan.
The Star Tribune editorial is below
Which is more likely a slimeball?
As the Star Tribune editorial points out, there are any number of things that Mr. Coleman’s subcommittee could be investigating–Halliburton, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo. But, oops, those would be too embarassing to his keeps, and would require some spine.
And for my part I can’t resist the temptation: Richard Nixon, Alger Hiss; Norm Coleman, Kofi Annan.
Read more, much more, about Norm with Deep Blade

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361 photographs

Actually made aware of this by the newspaper. Russ Kick has a site,
memoryhole, and he obtained these photos through the Freedom of Information Act. The government now says that it won’t allow publication of such photographs anymore in order to protect the privacy of the families.


“The Bohemian” by William-Adolphe Bouguereau will have been auctionrf off by now by the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Sounds like maybe the painting was too low-brow for the board of directors. (And has been, apparently, for it has been ten years since the painting has been on display.) Especially odd since it has been and enormously popular work, generating sales in the gift shop for postcards, calendars, and the like. Too bad.

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Precinct caucus

How will I get childcare? Maybe I should focus my efforts on the Greens, or socialist? [Well as it turns out, Madeline has her first volleyball practice at 7:00 pm on Tuesday. =p]