Undr the Tuscan Sun

Just finished watching Under the Tuscan Sun. I ordered it from Netflix for no particular reason. But then Madeline latched onto it and kept insisting that she wanted to see it. I started watching it with her the other day, and we had to stop after the second or third scene because of an invitation to go over to a neighbor’s and make smores.
So I watched it. I confirmed my initial impression that it is more of an adult than a children’s movie. I quess that if Madeline is going to watch it, she’s going to have watch it with Dorothea or Dorothea and me. It is good though, one of those chick flicks from sorrow to enlightenment.

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Train bathroom just a few steps away…

The other night Dorothea asks out of the blue how close to the bathroom our sleeper room on the train is. I didn’t know. She said that she has talked to two people now who’ve taken the train and warned her that if her room is next to the bathroom, she won’t get any sleep because of the noise of people going in and out all the time.

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