Old Wives’ Tales

Currently in Portand, Oregon, on the verge of a week here for work. Sunday brunch at a restaurant called Old Wives’ Tales (Burnside and Sandy.) Just sent a text to Dorothea about the women in the booth behind me. One was saying to the other that she’d gone somewhere to get a turkey for Thanksgiving. Wherever it was, apparently the turkey was initially still alive. Some of the other turkeys had names. She asked what was this turkey’s name? But apparently it was nameless. Reminded me of the skit in Portlandia where they ended up leaving the restaurant and going out to the cult run farm to investigate the origins of their meal. (That chicken had not only a name, but a bio.)

Ticketed but not towed

While riding the bus to downtown Minneapolis this morning, I texted Dorothea “can you pick up the car from tires plus?” Nov 16, 2012, 8:37 PM. I’d dropped the Sonata off there yesterday. Walked home. They called, saying alignment needed. Go ahead. Later, they’d called my cell again, left a voicemail. I never did check that voicemail. Assumed they’d left message saying the car was ready. Dorothea texted back “we just got a ticket. Our car was not moved.” Today is the day that the city crews are cleaning our street. I saw the signs yesterday as I walked back from the auto shop, “No Parking Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM” and was thinking at that time of moving the cars. This morning, I forgot, and left the house without a single car thought in my head.  The good news: the car didn’t get towed, just ticketed. Also, it was only one ticket, not two, because the other car was in the shop.

Driving west

Driving west yesterday 6:43 PM, what first looks like dust blowing off the roof of the car ahead of me in traffic, in winter you’ll see that with snow being blown off, but then realized: windshield wiper fluid. Sparkle in level direct straight ahead sun. Just before I’d noted my own windshield was not perfect. Then I saw another plume from another car. Spouting. A pod.

Checking the newspaper this morning, it said sun is now riding/setting directly east-west, causing problems for drivers.

And remembered the magical morning light the day before walking Selby after breakfast.

Then and only then did it come to mind: Equinox.

State Fair-isms

Spouse and I went this morning to the State Fair. Bicycled there. According to Michael Osterholm, epidemiologist extraordinaire, all county and state fairs should be cancelled because of the H3N2v swine flu. Oh well. (We didn’t see the livestock this year.)

Barak and me
Barak and me

DFL booth. Barak and me. Forgot to go to the Republicans and get my picture with Ronnie.

Missouri ladies
Missouri ladies

Literally just hailed them and asked if I could take their picture. Dorothea and I chatted with them. Of course, they both took off their glasses. Didn’t notice til later. They’re in town from Missouri for a wedding.

Electric car extension cord
Electric car extension cord

Ford’s new all-electric Focus. $40,000. Love the way it’s plugged in via a power strip. Which is plugged into a nuclear reactor. Or a coal-fired power plant.

Bikes in trees

Bikes in trees

 If you ride your bike to the fair, you can park it for free. They must’ve run out of rack space, ’cause there were bikes hanging in the trees.

Rock of Ages

Recently, Dorothea and I went to see the movie Rock of Ages. I was thinking “Glee + This Is Spinal Tap.” The Guardian adds: Mamma Mia and Wayne’s World. It was quite fun.

The scooter gang shows up for concert
Scooters at Mears ParkFigured that someone in the scooter club must also have been in the band that was playing at Mears Park Thursday night concert. And below is a clip (10 seconds) of one of those banda. I found this very cute. Will it never end? (Or: how long has this been going on for?)


The cottonwoods dwarf the elms

The cottonwoods dwarf the elms on Summit, I note this morning while walking the dog and passing an elm marked for removal–orange paint ring and two-digit number of it’s what–diameter or radius? not sure. For a chainsaw, they’d need to know the radius. But, seeing the dead elm marked for removal on Summit Avenue amongst the cottonwoods made me realize that there were elms, not just cottonwoods. Odd, since I fancy myself a bit of a dead elm spotter. And comparing that very mature and large elm, size and diginity of an elephant, an urban forest elephant, with the the much larger cottonwood gave me renewed regard for the cottonwood.

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Lifted. My sleep schedule is alll goofed up. I felf like I was up most of the night. I was still downstairs at midnight, up just after six. Either this is a healthy new schedule or a sign of trouble. Not sure which. Even took three of those Shaklee Valarien things.

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Laughing Planet Cafe and Soma Coffee Shop

–“no corporate aftertaste.” Patio furniture–the bases of the tables are crankshafts.
This picture makes an encore appearance. I first posted it to my schons/blogspot site last winter. Other friends were visiting down in Bloomington around New Year’s and we got a letter with this picture enclosed, but not much else for concrete description.
And it would have remained that way, except that Mary asked me after I’d been there if I’d seen the bathrooms. No I didn’t, and my lose.
Am on my bike. Rode throught the campuse which is very beautiful. (As always with campuses, especially good since there aren’t any students there. Ended up riding out to the east side of town. There’s a mall area, a Circuit City–so maybe I can find out about my dead laptop battery–and an Old Navy–that’ll spin Madeline’s crankshaft. She loves Old Navy. And back here. Recommended by M. while we were taking our walking tour of campus/downtown.

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